Zatori History

tracey walker zatori

Zatori Retreat is owned and operated by Tracey Walker.

Tracey was born and bred in Golden Bay. After adventures overseas and elsewhere in the South Island she has settled back in the Bay and lovingly refurbished the iconic buildings that make up Zatori. 

The name Zatori was created by taking two letters from each of Tracey's children's names: Zara + Tor + Ari = Zatori. 


The Zatori building has a rich history and is much loved by the Collingwood community.

The building has been used as a midwifery and a hospital and had been a rest home for many years before it was put on the market and eventually bought and completely refurbished by Zatori owner Tracey Walker.

"The building provided a place of comfort, rest and healing for many people in Golden Bay, including my own grandmother," says Tracey. "Since I bought the property I have worked hard, with the support of many local contractors and suppliers, to refurbish and enhance the building and transform it into Zatori Retreat - making sure that comfort, rest and healing are at the heart of the experience that everyone who stays here will have."