Green Zatori

Zatori cares and takes action

Zatori works to reduce its environmental impact every day. Here's how we work towards minimising our environmental footprint:

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Zatori Environmental Charter 2015

Zatori's Charter is our reference tool. It will change and evolve with time according to our improvement in terms of environmental protection. We aim to change and update our environmental Charter every three years in order to improve our management and actions. Slow progress is sustainable progress. Zatori wants accurate and efficient environmental protection which takes place over time. 











Zatori Charter is comprised of eight points:


1 - Environmental awareness (employees and guests)


2 - Monitoring energy use and reducing consumption 

3 - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions - using local suppliers to reduce food miles, using group transportation  and providing bicycles 

4 - Organic product use: using as many products as possible from our organic garden and eggs from free range chickens...

5 - Monitoring water consumption and taking action to reduce water consumption. 

In the building: Dual flush toilets in each bathroom, water filtration system, awareness communication tools in place.

For employee: A protocol is implemented for every task involving water use. Every employee is trained and shares Zatori's beliefs.

For guests: On arrival, guests are introduced to Zatori environmental concerns and are given a booklet outlining Zatori beliefs and actions in place. Then, during their stay, guests are reminded to save water through our communication tools deposited around the accommodation..


6 - Waste management: Guest are asked to participate in our recycling process. Four bins are in place: Glasses, plastics, compost and non-recycled.

7 - Biodiversity protection: Avoid using chemicals, either for the cleaning or the garden. Eco product and compost are our best friends... One rule, no chemicals!

8 - Every three years Zatori will choose a new environmental challenge... Follow us to know our next environmental step!


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